I’ve worked on an extensive number of high traffic sites of varying purposes and have played many roles, ranging from Front End Development Lead, Technical Advisor, SEO Strategist, Senior PHP Coder, Web Development Manager, Project Owner and Director of Technology.

I believe I’ve the unique ability to understand tasks from technical specifications all the way up to the stakeholders’ feedback and requirements.

Past projects include video on demand, content management, client facing content approval systems and daily deals sites.

My technical skills include writing quality code across a variety of languages: OOP JavaScript, OOP PHP, HTML, CSS + LESS and SASS.

I’ve a keen interest in developing large systems in the newest javascript frameworks, along with clean API development. I’ve engineered many robust database structures, which feed to rigid API endpoints with strict methodologies in place. Please do visit my github account for code examples.

Recent Experience

BT · Front End Development Lead

Scrum Master, Recruitment Manager, Code Quality Manager, Project Manager

St Pauls, London, UK · July 2014 to Current

  • Creates and enforces Front End Development Standards
  • Hired two development teams to handle many large projects.
  • Interfaces with many executives to handle requirements and direction.
  • Implements Agile into BT core development principles.
  • Creates and directs BT’s job standards for Front End Development.

theAudience · Director of Technology

IT Support, Development & Project Advice

Soho, London, UK & Shoreditch, London UK & Hollywood, Los Angeles · August 2013 to May 2014

  • Ensured that all users had a seamless experience during a transition between IT support companies.
  • Daily responsibilities included engaging with other tech companies, overseeing internal projects and providing top level feedback and guidance while developing internal apps.
  • Built an in house systems that could streamline HR management internally.

theAudience · Technical Product Owner

Team Management, PHP & JS Code Sign Off, Project Specifications & Budget

Shoreditch, London UK & Hollywood, Los Angeles · March 2013 to August 2013

  • Following the successful launch and support of an internal CMS, I was tasked with determining end user needs to create a feedback loop for writing solid project specifications for the development team.
  • Generated detailed wireframes and specification documents based on user and stakeholder requirements. Also led high level pointing sessions and large scale planning to visually sell to stakeholders the expense of their decisions.
  • Continued to guide the new web development manager, coding daily with the team and reviewing code for project releases.

theAudience · Web Development Manager

PHP Coder & Engineer, Team Manager, Test Manager & Scrum Master

Soho, London, UK & Shoreditch, London UK & Hollywood, Los Angeles · March 2011 to March 2013

  • Tasked with creating a custom CMS that would enable a growing team to creating curated content for clients.
  • Given free reign to build a team housed in the WME offices, a key investor. Built a team of freelancers & worked tirelessly to develop a system with shifting priorities. Successfully delivered in 9 months, it became a vital part of growing the business, leading to a massive expansion for the UK branch of theAudience.
  • Engineered a custom PHP API to create rapid prototypes and teamed it with Zend Framework codebase for the front end initially.
  • Switched the front end to use cutting edge technology such as alpha BackboneJS, RequireJS, UnderscoreJS and mongoDB. Expanded the system into a client facing CMS as a key stake holder and develop
  • Daily tasks included managing the team development, developing both JS and PHP code, running daily stand ups & planning sessions and reporting back to the project manager.

LF · Project Lead

Zend Framework, Testing, eCommerce & High Level Project Specifications

Soho, London, UK · September 2009 to April 2011

  • Created a video on demand system using the Zend Framework and Wowza Media Service that allowed users to buy monthly memberships or per minute credits across multiple currencies. Achieved this in 5 months after given an 8 month timeline.
  • Created an affiliate management system that would give clients real time information on streaming information, achieved in 2 months. Was then tasked with creating a white label system for these clients, the result which was eventually bought by a large retail chain.
  • Daily tasks included installing Interspire Email Marketer and migrating Interspire Shopping Cart to Magento, a difficult 3 month project that taught me extensively on database engineering and table conversion.

Marko Media · Web Development Manager

Hiring, Team Management, PHP Code Base Engineering & Maintenance

Croydon, London, UK · January 2007 to September 2009

  • As a PHP developer, excelled at delivering new features more rapidly than expected; was recognized as the stronger developer on a distributed team.
  • Was granted request to rewrite their entire framework using my own methodologies, as I expected their system would be unable to cope with the large amount of traffic the site was beginning to generate. Managed this remotely with a team in Rotherham while opening up an office in London. Was then tasked with building a team of 10 web developers, achieved in two months.
  • Having built the team, was then given control of managing the entire framework and its future development to create exciting new features.


Technical Advisor

SEO Strategist

PHP Developer

Web Development Manager

Scrum Master

Director of Technology

IT Support

Team Management

Project Specifications & Budget

Strategy & Planning

Risk Assessment

Infrastructure Development


Javascript (OOP)

10 Years+


1 Years~

Backbone JS

4 Years


2 Years+


10 Years+


10 Years+


10 Years+

Zend Framework 1.11

5 Years


7 Years+


6 Years+


5 Years+


3 Years

Silverback & Selenium

2 years+

Agile Development

4 Years+

eCommerce systems

3 years+